San Marco Venice

50 x 70 cm

Oil on linen

Available at The Chimera Gallery


Tel: 353 (0)87 8038357

“San Marco Venice” is a painting that offers a unique elevated perspective of the iconic San Marco Piazza in Venice on a rainy day. The artist has skillfully captured the essence of this historic square, transforming it into a mesmerizing visual narrative.

From an elevated viewpoint, the viewer gazes down upon the expansive San Marco Piazza, which stretches out like a magnificent stage. The square is drenched in rain, and the cobbled ground shimmers with the reflections of  tourists and locals, and the soft glow of surrounding buildings. The rain has created  small pools of standing, enhancing the sense of movement and life.

The autumnal weather lends an air of intimacy and romance to the scene, inviting viewers to imagine, the quiet contemplations, and the timeless beauty of Venice, even in inclement weather.