Lavitt Quay

40 x 60 cm

Oil on linen

Available at The Killarney Art Gallery


Tel: 353 (0)87 2767999


“Lavit Quay” is a captivating painting that portrays the atmospheric intersection at Lavit Quay in Cork City during a busy afternoon. This artwork captures the interplay of light and shadow, drawing attention to the contrast between the shaded crossroads and the distant buildings bathed in the warm embrace of sunlight.

At the center of the composition, the crossroads of Lavit Quay unfolds. The artist has depicted this urban junction with meticulous attention to detail. In the distance, across the river or the city’s expanse, a series of buildings are bathed in the soft, golden light of the afternoon sun.

The sky above is painted in varying shades of blue, transitioning from a clear azure to a lighter, hazy blue near the horizon. Wispy clouds meander across the canvas.