Brian Smyth, an artist with a remarkable journey through the world of fine art. A graduate of the Crawford College of Art and Design, Brian’s talent has earned him numerous accolades and a place in both private and public collections.

Having created and shown a series of successful solo exhibitions held in Dublin and London. Brian’s work has also graced the walls of various group exhibitions, where he’s not only participated but curated.

Beyond exhibitions, also completed many private commissions, where he’s brought his talent to life in various projects. Notably, he undertook a significant commission involving 14 captivating paintings for the restoration of a church in his native County Cork.

Began attending The Angel Academy in Florence in 2012 and immersed  in the classical arts, refining technique and gaining inspiration. Following on from the dedication of the programme there, later became an instructor, sharing his expertise through private workshops in portrait painting, plein air landscapes, and masterful reproductions.

Today, Brian continues to evolve as an artist, pushing the boundaries of his craft. His work is represented by prestigious galleries, including The Trinity Gallery, The Lavitt Gallery, The Red Rag Gallery, and Chimera Gallery.

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Here an interview with Brian on Artospective.com

Gallery Representation:

The Trinity Gallery – The Lavitt Gallery – The Red Rag GalleryChimera Gallery





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