Studio sale – Christmas selection

This Christmas bring your loved ones a unique gift…the gift of Art!

You always wanted to gift someone with a beautiful piece of art, but you thought buying a painting is too expensive and time consuming?

I am happy to tell you that this is not necessarily the case! 

As a full time working painter, a lot of my time and energies are spent working on studies and smaller works that are not always destined to be hung in galleries and exhibited as finished paintings.  Often times these studies are exercises in collecting visual information for larger paintings, or they are the result of my pursuit of plein air painting or portrait painting from life.


I have made a selection of the best of these paintings, mostly painted on primed wooden panels and I’m offering them for sale at a greatly reduced price of Euro 300 for the Christmas period. 


This price includes all the costs of framing and shipping to addresses in the EU & UK. (price for other destinations outside EU may vary case by case).


Each of the paintings, on sale here, will come, framed, by artisan framers, Landi Cornici, of Florence, in hand painted mouldings and will arrive ready to be hung on the wall.  Each painting will be signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.