How to buy

Thank you for your interest in my artwork. If you’re considering purchasing a painting or have a commission request, I invite you to reach out to me directly via email at

Buying a painting directly from the artist is a straightforward and personalized process. If a particular painting has captured your attention and you’d like to explore it further, including viewing additional images with details, including the back of the canvas or panel, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email. I’m committed to promptly responding to your inquiries.

When you reach out, I can provide you with all the necessary information, including pricing, framing options, shipping arrangements, and convenient payment methods. My preferred method of payment is via bank transfer, utilizing the IBAN system for security and ease.

I can also take payments with PayPal.

You’ll have the flexibility to choose whether you’d like to purchase your painting framed or unframed. For those who prefer framing, I collaborate with Cornici Landi, a reputable and long-established framing company in Florence. Their expertly hand-painted frames are designed to beautifully complement my paintings.

When it comes to shipping, I rely on the services of Mailboxes Etc., known for their efficient and reliable delivery within Europe. Typically, you can expect your painting to arrive in less than a week.

Your satisfaction and the safe delivery of your artwork are of utmost importance to me. Feel free to get in touch, and together, we can make the process of acquiring a piece of art that much more enjoyable and seamless.

Gallery Representation:

 – The Trinity Gallery – The Lavitt Gallery – The Killarney art Gallery- Chimera Gallery

Some of my painting are also on sale on online marketplaces.

Brian Smyth on Saatchi Gallery

Brian Smyth on Singulart