Low winter sunlight

70cm x 50cm

Oil on linen

Available at The Killarney Art Gallery

email: art@killarneyartgallery.com

Tel: 353 (0)87 2767999

“Low winter sunlight” is a vibrant and dynamic painting that depicts a bustling urban scene filled with a diverse crowd of people. The painting captures a moment in the heart of a bustling city, where the energy and rhythm of life are palpable.

The play of light and shadow is masterfully executed, casting low winter sunlight on the people and buildings, adding depth and dimension to the composition. The overall effect is one of life, movement, and the vibrant spirit of a thriving city—a testament to the beauty and complexity of human interaction in an urban environment.

“Low winter sunlight” captures the essence of the city, where the individual stories of countless people converge, creating a tapestry of humanity and a celebration of the vivacity of urban life. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere and find their own narratives within the crowd.