The light in the piazza

60 x 100 cm

Oil on linen

Available at The Killarney Art Gallery

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“The light in the piazza” is a vibrant and bustling painting that captures the lively atmosphere of a Florentine piazza on a radiant morning. This artwork immerses viewers in the heart of the city, where people come together to savor the beauty of the day.

The central focus of the painting is a bustling Florentine piazza, which is bathed in the warm and invigorating light of morning sunshine. The square is a lively hub, teeming with a diverse crowd of locals and tourists alike, all going about their morning routines and enjoying the pleasures of city life.

In the middle ground, a cyclist navigates through the bustling piazza, adding a dynamic element to the composition.

The artist has skillfully captured the interplay of light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that evokes a sense of contentment and appreciation for the simple joys of life in Florence.