Serenity in stilness

30 cm x 25 cm

Oil on panel

Price: Euro 850

Price includes framing and shipping costs, destinations in EU. & UK.

Title: Serenity in Stillness

“Serenity in Stillness,”is a still life painting offering viewers a moment of calm and contemplation.  At its heart stands a small Buddha statue, a symbol of inner peace and enlightenment. The statue’s tranquil presence is juxtaposed against a backdrop of vibrant red and deep blue, creating a sense of harmony.


I was very keen to combine two of my favourite still life props, the buddha statue, and the silver tea cannister, in quite a richly coloured setting.   My hope was of creating a painting rich in content and design.  As always, the set up came about as an exercise of adding and subtracting elements until the balance of elements seems right.