Italian sea and sand

40 cm x 50cmcm

Oil on linen

Price Euro 1200

Price includes framing and shipping, European destinations.

The painting “Italian sea and sand” captures the enchanting atmosphere of a sun-drenched beach along the picturesque coastline of Italy. A radiant azure sky dominates the canvas, radiating warmth and tranquility. The bright sunlight casts a golden glow on the sandy shore, illuminating the scene with a vibrant energy.

Set against this magnificent backdrop, a row of colorful beach umbrellas lines the pristine beach, providing shade and splashes of vivid hues. These umbrellas, like a rainbow stretched across the sand, create a captivating visual rhythm as they gently sway in the ocean breeze. Their vibrant colors, ranging from brilliant reds to sunny yellows and cool blues, harmonize with the natural palette of the surrounding landscape.